Thursday, January 12, 2012

Got My Creative Juices Flowin'

I couldn't wait to put together our Family Profile.  No really.  I couldn't wait.  It didn't need to be ready until all of our interviews were complete and we were approved.  I had our's done before our first interview!

The Family Profile book is what the birthparents look through to get a better picture of where their child will live and what kind of life they may have.  Will their child go on vacations?  Will their child play sports?  What kind of extended family will their child have?  The birthparents may look at 3 profiles or they may see 12.  I'll tell you later how all that works.

When putting together the book, it is so tempting to adopt {pun not intended} an attitude of selling yourself, making yourself and your life appear to be something it's not.  I wanted our book to be accurate, but fun.  I wanted the book to be easy on the eyes and to give relevant details.  I looked through a ton of profile books online before I began working on our's.  I saw some books that were so busy and difficult to follow.  Families would go on and on about things that didn't even matter, like detailed stories of their lives.  "I was born on a cold winter night, blah blah blah."  I wanted to provide a quick glimpse into our life.

On the one hand, I was so excited to get my creative juices flowing.  On the other hand, this project weighed on my heart.  A woman with a baby in her belly is going to read my book and decide whether or not she sees her baby living with us for the rest of its life.  So many people have the misconception that women give their babies up for adoption because they don't love their child.  It is often the complete opposite.  So many of these courageous women want the very best for their baby, and they know that they can't provide it themselves.  They give their baby up for adoption with their child's best interest at heart.  It is a sacrifice.  We viewed adoption as serving a woman as much as we did helping a child.

If you'd like to see our profile book, click here.  Here's our profile video that was posted on Bethany's website for birthparents to view.  Hope you like them.

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